Digital Heritage 2018 San Francisco game presentation [Oct 18]

3rd International Congress & Expo
26-30 October 2018, San Francisco, USA

The leading global event on digital technology for documenting, conserving and sharing heritage—from monuments & sites, to museums & collections, libraries & archives, and intangible traditions & languages. Featuring keynotes from cultural leaders & digital pioneers, a tech expo, research demos, scientific papers, policy panels, best practice case studies, hands-on workshops, plus tours of technology and heritage labs.

Two Environmental Narrative Videogames have been presented in the Expo area, both by REVEAL European Project: “The Chantry” and “A Night in the Forum” for Playstation VR.

The first Game “The Chantry” has been published recently in the Sony Playstation Store and it is an adventure inside the house of Dr. Jenner (who discovered how to prevent humanity from smallpox thanks to vaccins), where the player would need to find out what happened in that house…

Link to material on the game: Reveal website

The second Game “A Night in the Forum” will be published in 2019 by VRTRON and it is a joint cooperation between this game dev company from Malta and CNR ITABC in Rome, with the scientific consultancy of Museo dei Fori Imperiali in Rome. In this game the player descovers he/she has to spend one night in the Forum of Augustus, during the 1st Century AD, before going back to his/her time.

To get updates on the testing program or on the launch in 2019: Register here, or follow the Facebook page of the Environmental Narrative Videogame group

The Chantry
The Chantry Videogame
A Night in The Forum
The Game A Night in the Forum


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