REVEAL open Software Resources to Game Developers [Dec 18]

The EU ‘REVEAL’ project which has produced 2 Videogames for Sony Playstation VR platform, has made in December 2018 its technologies and resources freely available to other developers! The framework and the entire source-code for the games has been in these days made freely available for developers.

The REVEAL framework is built on top of the free and open Sony’s PhyreEngine technology.

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Visual Heritage conference and expo 2018

Visual Heritage 2018
Vienna, Austria, November 12-15, 2018

The 16th EUROGRAPHICS Workshop on Graphics and Cultural Heritage (EG GCH) was held in Vienna between 12 and 15 of November 2018, within the umbrella of Visual Heritage.

500 researchers and professionals have participated to the joined event (GCH + CHNT) in the same venue (one more oriented to research in visual technology, the other one focusing more on the application of those technologies to CH); to share experiences and discuss methodologies concerning digital visual media and their use in the context of cultural heritage applications; to enable an increased cross-fertilization among those communities and foster collaboration.

In Vienna, at the City Hall, the organisers have set up also an Exhibition about Visual Heritage projects. Here Videogames have been presented, such as the REVEAL A Night in The Forum” (probably out in the Playstation Market in 2019) and the iMARECULTURE with its games underwater,

Expo Visual Heritage 2018