tourismA 2019 – Allegro Museo

tourismA 2019 – Allegro Museo
Firenze Fiere Congress & Exhibition Center
22th – 24th February 2019

An annual three-day event held in the prestigious and central location of “Palazzo dei Congressi”.
tourismA is an opportunity for exposure, disclosure and comparison of all initiatives related to communication of ancient world and valorization of archaeological witnesses.

“Game-Fever in Italy”
What is happening in Italy? The “GAME FEVER”! After the first experiments with games with and in museums (such as the Pleistostation game at Museo di Casal de’ Pazzi in Rome; Father and Son at MANN in Naple; the games of Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci), the new games are opening up the potential of this new media for cultural places (such as MI RASNA and the 60 museums about Etruscans; the new “A Night in the Forum” that takes place in the Forum of Augustus in Rome, soon available in the Playstation 4 store), and new museum curators are now ready to start a new videogame project with the many relevant Italian developers (AESVI – Associazione Editori Sviluppatori Videogiochi Italiani).
This is what emerged at AllegroMuseo, TourismA2019

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