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ENVIG is about you making Environmental Narrative Games and these are your stories!

VR games from History : Andrew Hamilton
A game developer’s story Developer at VRTRON (Sheffield / Malta) Videogames Andrew Hamilton is a game programmer. After his studies
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Cognition and games: Herre Van Oostendorp
A researcher story  Professor in Human-Media Interaction (Utrecht University) Mental models, cognition, serious games Herre van Oostendorp is a professor
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Archaeology of Videogames: the beginning. Alessandro Pintucci
A curious story President of CIA (Confederazione Italiana Archeologi) Archaeology, Videogames Alessandro Pintucci is an archaeologist, president of the Italian Confederation
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Reconstructing History for Videogames: Owen Gower
A heritage professional’s story Manager at the Jenner House Museum (Berkeley, UK) Museum, Videogames, Reconstruction Owen Gower is the museum
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